1.    Athleticoness  
2. A Merry Dance
3. The Lord Of The Mallets
4. Oh To Be In Israel
5. Swoosh
6. Ode To Athletico
7. The Lost Poem
1.   Athleticoness
  In the beginning there was darkness
  Closely followed with war and saddness
  Never thought there could be any happyness
  Knowone had ever heard of Athleticoness 
  Athletico Oh Athletico
  Athletico started with a ball and a bat
  Progressed to football with Bartlett the rat
  Things started to happen in a round about way
  We moved to rugby we played on my birthday
  Next thing we knew we were pulling a rope 
  Then on a river rowing a boat
  Moving forward to Minehead in fact
  Winning the game as easy as that
  We came back to football all year long
  We got it all wrong
  Eighty two we went to Wales
  We did not need to use are sails
  We went by road via severn
  Gari thought it was heaven
  It was great with eight in a bed
  We were really well fed
  Coming back to triumph and glory all year
  Winning this cup and that cup we treasure so dear
  Started cricket vary well promotion looks near
  We've really come good we are really sky high
  Low and behold look who's gone by
  Its Haden he's holding a flag three mallet's aloft
  I think he's gone soft
  Gosy now I must off to play for my beloved Athletico
2.   A Merry Dance
  (Callaghan, Godfrey, Hannam, Hetherington, Jarrett, O'Shea, Stacey, Tonks)
  There was a young lady from Leeds
  Who met a man from France
  Who led her a merry dance
  Even though he was in a trance 
  So she took out a lance
  And thrust it up her pants
  And said "I'd rather have this than your penis any day!"


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