(groups drawn by Helen Taylor)

Group A


Group B


Group C


Group D

Delwyn Pople   Shaun Callaghan   David Hetherington   Steve Parsons
Kevin Bennett   Richard Stacey   Derek Hannam   Jeff Pople
Gary Dabson   Simon Godfrey   Phil Munden   Haddon Howells
Robert Statham   Mark Davis   Peter Bartlett   Gareth Hiscock
Anthony Slingsby   Neale Jarrett   John Munden   John Burrows


Group B:   S.Callaghan   beat   N.Jarrett   6-4 4-6 6-2
    S.Callaghan   beat   S.Godfrey   6-1 6-1
    N.Jarrett   beat   S.Godfrey   6-1 1-6 6-2
    S.Callaghan   beat   R.Stacey   8-6 6-3
Group D:   H.Howells   beat   G.Hiscock   6-2 6-0
    H.Howells   beat   J.Burrows   6-3 6-3
    J.Pople   beat   J.Burrows   6-0 6-2
    J.Pople   beat   H.Howells   6-1 6-1
    J.Pople   beat   G.Hiscock   6-0 6-0


Group A           Group D      
    Played Points         Played Points
S.Callaghan   3 6     J.Pople   3 6
N.Jarrett   2 3     H.Howells   3 4
S.Godfrey   2 1     J.Burrows   2 0.8
R.Stacey   1 0.9     G.Hiscock   2 0.2
M.Davis   0 0     S.Parsons   0 0


The following people lacked the necessary gumption to organize any of their fixtures and were therefore eliminated from the competition: K.Bennett, R.Statham, A.Slingsby, M.Davis, D.Hetherington, D.Hannam, P.Munden, P.Bartlett, J.Munden, S.Parsons.

D.Pople and G.Dabson have each been granted a play-off with the players placed fourth in groups B and D.


Draw for Quarter-Finals:   S.Callaghan   v   J.Burrows
    H.Howells   v   R.Stacey or G.Dabson
    J.Pople   v   S.Godfrey
    N.Jarrett   v   G.Hiscock or D.Pople


N.J. reaches the quarter-finals


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